The Book

About the Book

In painting a beautiful masterpiece on a human canvas of life, one must heal the pain of their past to prevent bleeding all over their future. Recognizing my assignment here on earth of caring for others are the building blocks of preparing for killing fear as I was afraid of me. My landscape, my foundation and my infrastructure are all recreated as I scrubbed myself clean and blocking the cycles of darkness of my past from spilling over to my children. See sometimes, we have to draw outside of the lines, take the cap off of our highlighters, keep a party in our purses, and surround ourselves with strong, positive, prestigious, motivating people. As the harp plays the beautiful string sound, one can close their eyes and listen to the birds outside in the field as the bad guy is no longer here, the pain is released, and my troubles have been given to God.

Sharing my personal journey through life in hopes of assisting young people, women, young ladies, and those who have kept secrets in fear of releasing pain was very therapeutic for me. I feel like I went from “rags to riches” in a mental standpoint. I went from sleeping on floors in an old mildew basement to being Dr. Secil, a character, my character, my me, that makes things happen, a smile of peace, a provider in the community continuing to spread my love, education, fun, and care. Destiny has no limit, no sky, for we have placed a man on the moon. The glory is seen but the story was untold until now.

This piece took 2.5 years to complete and my goal was to publish in the following year. However, my thoughts changed as the crew of Netflix encouraged me to publish as the documentary of “I am a Killer” is released, for there is a chapter in this book that is in connection of the documentary. I recognize that this is not the end of my story for I was told that I am a very complete woman and a one in a million woman that should be treated like so. When someone tells you that, the feelings, the emotion, the time, and the goosebumps on my arms allowed me to view life, relationships, and hope in a different light.